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Sponsor a Workshop Series


Sponsor a Workshop Series

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Piece Cart 4WEB v5 Flat.jpg

Sponsor a Workshop Series

from 500.00

A $500 Piece Cart sponsorship funds instructional staff and materials for a multi-week session enrolling 10 residents of Skid Row or South Los Angeles, providing each an empowering opportunity to learn marketable skills with a path to earned income.


Piece by Piece provides a unique opportunity for low-income residents to gain marketable skills through study and practice in the Mosaic Art discipline. Participants attain Artisan-level skills, compensated work fulfilling orders for mosaic art, and the opportunity to improve job prospects and financial security. Supporting this activity, our on-the-job training program offers recently-homeless women transitional employment in their role managing and preparing donated materials for use in the creation of mosaics. 

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Our impact lies with building learning communities through the delivery of mosaic art workshops that are shown to improve wellness, quality of life and housing stability among individuals vulnerable to homelessness. Piece by Piece values promoting respect for self and others and fostering community through teamwork and collaboration. Our workshop community offers the support essential to developing talents such that each may reach their full potential to contribute. 

More about the Impact of our workshop program at

Piece by Piece activities and the creativity that is fostered help to make the world a better place!

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