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240 E 6th St -- Star Building
Los Angeles, CA, 90021

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Mercado La Paloma

Piece by Piece has partnered with Esperanza Community Housing to fuel creative economy in our community.  

As we advance our plans to promote and celebrate the talent and cultural diversity that is abundant in our community, our gallery shop presents new opportunities for entreprenuerial success, community wellness and workforce development benefitting local residents.


Piece by Piece Gallery Shop
at Mercado La Paloma in South Los Angeles
3655 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90007

Partnering For A Better Community

The Arte Mercado Partnership is built on a shared commitment to uplift the local community through the arts. The partners recognize that the celebration of culture and creative industry are key to creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

Our Strategy

Established to achieve a positive social impact through the engagement of local residents in creative practices, Piece by Piece has partnered with Esperanza Community Housing to operate a retail shop in Mercado La Paloma, host a calendar of culture-inspired events and conduct mosaic-making workshops complimenting exhibition events that celebrate the rich talents within our diverse community.

Piece by Piece instructors work with residents of South Los Angeles to create marketable mosaics for the Mercado La Paloma public market. The gallery provides retail space to support the creative advancement of low-income residents and bolster economic activity throughout the Mercado.  The Partnership establishes a strategy for promoting entrepreneurial development while promoting creative economy in a corridor where needs are great. Serving residents of South Central Los Angeles and Skid Row, the project promotes artistic excellence and opportunity while celebrating the talent and cultural diversity that is abundant in our community.

Arte Mercado Partnership provides creative space for all to explore and connect, promoting vibrant community and increased opportunity for wellness, learning, earning and jobs.

Support Creative Economy  

Shop gifts and table decor in quantity order for your event or business needs.
Sign up for the Arte Mercado Calendar and attend exhibition and cultural happenings in the Mercado.
Enroll for Piece by Piece learning workshop program to learn marketable skills.

Piece by Piece offers local residents opportunities for growth through arts learning. Workshops help participants professionalize art skills through study in the mosaic discipline. Piece by Piece Artisans consign their art and earn proceeds upon sale. Artisans gain employment upon joining professional teams fulfilling orders for the PieceShop line of high-quality mosaic wares and for completing commissions on every scale, including public art.  

Piece by Piece Studio Prep Associates gain employment and work experience in their role managing donated mosaic supplies. Positions are filled by formerly-homeless women facing challenges to employment. The Arte Mercado Partnership provides new opportunities for Associates to learn job skills in customer service and retail operations.

Esperanza's Promotores Program is a premiere model for activating residents to address pressing community-wide health concerns. As health educators, Promotores serve a fundamental role in promoting improved wellness. The Arte Mercado Gallery space will serve as an informational hub for residents seeking health information and referral, staffed by Promotores completing internship hours.

Piece by Piece Gallery is a mosiac art marketplace, informational hub for the community, professional development site for Artisans, and workforce development site for both Studio Prep Associates training for jobs in retail and Promotores fulfilling internships as Health Promoters.  

The Arte Mercado Calendar sponsors an ongoing series of cultural happenings, family-oriented activities and exhibition or performance events, serving as an arts & culture resource to the entire community and building patronage for restauranteurs and other merchants within the Mercado.

Art in Community benefits all.  To learn more about the Arte Mercado Partnership and how you may become involved, email or call 213.683.0522 x601