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You can combat poverty in Los Angeles

By booking a workshop you help recently homeless individuals gain job training while also enriching your life with creativity & new art skills.


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Design with Intention

$450 (Group of 4-5)
$750 (Group of 6-8)

This Design workshop provides the basic instruction that is the building block for designing quality graphics. Through exploration of design concepts and tools participants will build design motifs (to be completed on paper) that may be transferred to painting, mosaic fabrication, or other creative mediums.  Easy-to-follow instruction makes this workshop ideal for groups and teams.

Workshop Glass.jpg

Glass Cutting for Mosaics

$480 (Group of 4-5)
$750 (Group of 6-8)

Luz Mack-Durini is the Piece by Piece instructor for this Skills Workshop. Her specialty is stained glass, and in this workshop she teaches special cutting techniques that allow one to upcycle glass forms to create radiant mosaics.  Students create their own projects as well as a group project, where each person cuts a special shape to fit into an intricate design.

Scatter Platter

Creative Fun
$560 (Group of 4-5)
$890 (Group of 6-8)

Scatter Platter is your group’s fun entry into mosaic-artmaking. All of the materials are provided/  Colored glass pieces have been prepared for you and your friends by our Studio Prep Associates in order for you to realize your best design ideas.  Many creative options are available in the round disc format of the platter. It's the perfect choice for a group workshop with a finished product take-away. 

Contact the Piece by Piece Workshop Manager to Inquire.  When your date has been set, workshops can be booked through The Piece Shop.

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