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Artisan mosaic art gifts handcrafted homewares social enterprise 

Vase Frame 

Company Gifts Guide

This giving season, present your clients or employees artful gifts that carry added meaning!  The gift of a Piece by Piece Mosaic represents opportunity for learning, earnings and improved security among recently-homeless residents of our community.

Quantity discount of 20% applies for order of 10 or more items, any mix. Each gift delivers to recipient of your choice with storycard conveying the Piece by Piece Mission. Option to additionally include your personal message.

Company Logo Vase

TrustVase CROP.jpg
LogoVase D2.jpg
TrustVase CROP.jpg
LogoVase D2.jpg

Company Logo Vase

from 95.00

The low rectangular shape of our Company Vase provides options for gifting with floral arrangement, holiday candy or other fill.  For a unique company-promotional vase chose optional 2-inch logo tile imprinted with logo or message of choice.

Available in Blue Tone (blues/greens/browns) and Orange Tone (Orange/white/dark brown).  Inquire for order of vase in color selections that echo your company brand. 

20% Quantity Discount:  Use Coupon Code 10orMore at checkout (applies to any mix of 10 items within the Gifts Guide)

Votives offer a gift with added meaning, supporting opportunity for a person vulnerable to homelessness.

Upon checkout, indicate your preferred shipping address and optional personal message to recipient(s) of your choice.  Your gift will be shipped with both a storycard describing the Piece by Piece mission and a notecard bearing your message.

On behalf of our many Piece by Piece participants, we appreciate your support.

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